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The band from Sweden, Uddevalla, "Förr" started in 2012 and the same year released the cassette "Is it better now?". The year after was a chronological steps and an LP called "Förrsta" was recorded. Since they missed any publication in 2014 no CD was released so now step come to only give out the new album digitally (so far, anyway).

"Lucy" walk the same line as previously and continues to go up to rock the street, take in a side street of psychedelic, go up the stairs of chaos, knocking on the door of prog, put themselves in punk couch, turn on a hard-rock cigarette and open a blues-beer with typical sometimes hard grabbed structure of the songs, as playful bass and Malins hard sweet song.
But a little darker, a little happier, a little bitter, a little more hopeful, a little more structure, a little more chaos, a little faster, a little slower, a little more stoner little more prog ... Quite simply, more "Förr".

"Lucy" is recorded and produced in-house, but someone is still to be thanked: Yngve Iseland for help for the drum recording, Robert "string" Dahlqvist for additional guitar on "Jag vill ha allt", Roger Myrehag for additional guitar on "Ingen Cyanid", former bassist Kent Andreasson bass on "Vart ska du nu?" and bass on "Tydligen", Rikard "Sterile Hermaphrodite" Elofsson for mastering and of course you who want to listen.

Forr Lucy

It's Friday and you're tired after a week of hard work in the salt mine. All you do is long for a six-pack of beer and some nice music. You put on your favorite pair of jeans and throw on a T-shirt, then you call the members of "Förr" just to check what’s up.
- Come over here, we sit and listen to vinyls with Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Fu Manchu, The Sex Pistols, November, Sam Gopal, AC / DC, Faces, Kyuss and other good stuff...
Well, the choice may not be difficult as to where you will end up this evening.

Förr berg



"Förr" opened its eyes for the first time on a cold day in the winter of 2012 in Uddevalla, Sweden. Already in the spring released the cassette "... är det bättre nu?" , recorded live and mixed in a classic portable studio. In one year the evolution made its mark and it is now time for the release of the debut vinyl "Förrsta". The album is full of flirting with the above mentioned bands but with an own completely unique sound. Roger's solid drumming, Kent's playful bass playing, Peter’s stubborn guitar riffing and Malin’s hard sweet voice make it sound fresh at the same time with a fragrance of the glorious time when rock was at its best. The structure of the songs do not follow any given framework or convention, the lyrics are full of truths and poetic playfulness without neither pointers nor platitudes.

"Förr" goes back to the street of rock, takes the psychedelic alley, goes up the chaotic stairs, knocking on the door of prog rock, sits in sofa of punk, lights a hard rock cigarette and opens the blues beer. But they still manage to always maintain a unifying theme that makes "Förrsta" to a musical adventure.




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Kontakt: Förr c/o Peter Hansson, Hallavägen 5 45134 Uddevalla. Telefon: 0704194735 Mail: info(@)forrmusik(.)se